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Everyday I..

March 10, 2010

everyday I think to do something new ,

everyday I do the same , as hours left are too few.

everyday I hope for some change ,maybe a little in life,

everyday remains the same , no one hears my plight.

everyday I wonder if this is what is living ,

everyday I surrender to the boring routine running.

everyday I dream to change and give myself some space,

everyday I am back , at the same place, at the same pace.



Live in the eyes !!!

October 30, 2009

The one who gives may not get richer ,

But the one who receives might get better .

For this one life is precious for all ,

To make it worth is totally our call.

Have you thought of living after you die ,

You always can , in someone’s eye .

Your deeds will keep you alive ,

So why not work than waste your life.

Just a helping hand and words so kind,

If you cant do more , no one will mind .

Take a step forward and offer yourself ,

Your single gesture can make thousands hearts melt.


– Deepti

I wish

September 19, 2008

When I see clouds floating in the sky ,
I wish I was a bird and I could fly,
When I see trees swaying in the cool breeze,
I wish I could sway along if I was a leaf.

When I see the sun shine so bright,
I wish I was a ray emitting light,
When I see the blue river run,
I wish I was a boat and had so much fun.

When I see the blooming flowers ,
I wish I was a petal full of colors,
When in each thing I see God’s creativity,
I give all fears and fill myself with life’s purity.

    – Deepti

The Hope

August 26, 2008

who doesn’t wanna sail forever on a star cruise,
but how can we deny life’s hard truths,
It maybe rainy at times, the sun not shining,
The only hope- every cloud has a silver lining.

– Deepti

expect the unexpected

August 26, 2008

Waiting for her great day,
Under the silver moon she lay,
Little she knew what lies ahead,
Expected a begining but someone lay dead.


Memory Book

August 26, 2008

Out of my memory book,
some pages fell apart,
Tried to stick them back,
Felt they only wanted to part.

– Deepti

Mann ki Lehar

August 20, 2008

Jal ki ek lehar bhi kahin na kahin pyaasi hai
seeney mein kai raaz dabaye huye hai…
kinare se milan ka prayas karti karti
apne hi gum mein doob si jaati hai.

Manushya ka mann bhi ek aisi hi lehar hai
jissey sahare to bahut par kinara nahin milta
duniya ki bheed mein ek apne ki talaash mein
Mil jaayega woh , vichlit mann rehta hai is aas mein.

Fir ek waqt ehsaas hota hai woh kinaara mil gaya
baar baar lehar ke takraney se woh bhi ghis gaya
Lehar chatpatayi, sochi yeh to ab mera na hai
pagli wo jaanti nahin itna sukh sansar mein aur na hai.


Wandering into d past

August 12, 2008

Whenever my mind wanders into the past,
I flip the memory pages just too fast,
For some chapters make me feel nostalgic ,
And others contain no life no logic.