expect the unexpected

August 26, 2008

Waiting for her great day,
Under the silver moon she lay,
Little she knew what lies ahead,
Expected a begining but someone lay dead.



Memory Book

August 26, 2008

Out of my memory book,
some pages fell apart,
Tried to stick them back,
Felt they only wanted to part.

– Deepti

Mann ki Lehar

August 20, 2008

Jal ki ek lehar bhi kahin na kahin pyaasi hai
seeney mein kai raaz dabaye huye hai…
kinare se milan ka prayas karti karti
apne hi gum mein doob si jaati hai.

Manushya ka mann bhi ek aisi hi lehar hai
jissey sahare to bahut par kinara nahin milta
duniya ki bheed mein ek apne ki talaash mein
Mil jaayega woh , vichlit mann rehta hai is aas mein.

Fir ek waqt ehsaas hota hai woh kinaara mil gaya
baar baar lehar ke takraney se woh bhi ghis gaya
Lehar chatpatayi, sochi yeh to ab mera na hai
pagli wo jaanti nahin itna sukh sansar mein aur na hai.


Innocence of Childhood

August 18, 2008

The innocence of childhood can never be measured
It goes away with age , can only be treasured.
She seems like an angel from up above
Tender, pure ,innocent like a dove.

Her skin is like snow, pure and white
My eyes are glued ,can’t leave her sight.
Her laugh is like the song of nightingale
She calls my name ,on a silver boat I sail

I wonder how God makes every child so beautiful
How he makes each parent’s life so delightful

– Deepti

Is this Independence?

August 14, 2008

Do you feel so free today
To wish Happy Independence Day ?
Each moment we are working for others
And have no time for our own brothers.

Do you actually feel the freshness of freedom?
Or are you happy to live on terms of someone?
We’ll be free when we let fears go
When we walk together , no matter how slow.

So lets move ahead hand in hand
Freedom will not come with a magic wand
No matter how tough the journey is
I’ll hold you if you tend to slip.


Gone r d days!!!

August 13, 2008

Its raining heavily here
Out of the glass window, I stare
Raindrops remind me of old times
Childhood memories and melodious rhymes.

Life then was so hassle free
No problems , no stress on me.
Things have changed with years gone by
No rest , always on the fly

Sometimes I wonder why I slog so much
Still I have to wait for a tender touch
Life is so mechanical I sometimes feel
Earning well but yearning for a good meal.


Be Good

August 13, 2008

sometimes we try to forget the past
It only fades just not too fast.

You have your feelings have your frends
Your past has set your life’s trends

Present is what we have in hand today
Bothers us what we gave the other day

Life goes on with this give and take
Sometimes I feel all this is so fake.

Whats set for future troubles us more
When, how long we survive is not sure

The web of thoughts engufles us
Our own fate giggles at us

Destiny is not what we can control
That doesn’t mean we stop playing our role

Good deeds , kind words make you pure
You’ll be in safe hands always for sure.


Why am I here?

August 12, 2008

My Place of work is so boring
Seems sleepy, just not snoaring.
They say Work is Worship
Men here keep looking for a cool chic.

More than half of my life goes here
Personal stuff, no time to spare.
Made few frends who seem to be cool
Hoping I am right , not a fool.

Doing something which I dont like
Only increases my life’s plight.
Till when will I survive like this
No Merry and no more Bliss.


Wandering into d past

August 12, 2008

Whenever my mind wanders into the past,
I flip the memory pages just too fast,
For some chapters make me feel nostalgic ,
And others contain no life no logic.


Hello world!

August 8, 2008

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