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Everyday I..

March 10, 2010

everyday I think to do something new ,

everyday I do the same , as hours left are too few.

everyday I hope for some change ,maybe a little in life,

everyday remains the same , no one hears my plight.

everyday I wonder if this is what is living ,

everyday I surrender to the boring routine running.

everyday I dream to change and give myself some space,

everyday I am back , at the same place, at the same pace.



Hello world!

March 9, 2010

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A fresh New Year

December 31, 2009

The thought of tomorrow brings hope to us
Leaving back all 2009 sorrows and fuss
No matter the year gone by was so much fun
But we expect a lot more in the year to come.

Look back and shed all your fears
Leave all thoughts that brought you tears
For tomorrow would be the sun with a new light
Making your lives hopeful and bright.

May the new year bring a good surprise
May for all good you did you get a prize
May Almighty shower you with all happiness
May the joy of each coming day is no less.


Now that she's gone!!!!

September 3, 2008

Bid her good bye with a heavy heart,
Controlled my tears,anytime could start,
She brought happiness no matter for a short while,
Now she is far far away , distance lot more than a mile.

Will have to wait to see her again,
Will she remembes me , is still a game,
Her sweet little face I can still see,
It was hard to leave her when she last hugged me.

I wonder why we all can’t be near,
Why is it that someone becomes so dear,
Why they come , when they have to go,
The waiting time passes so slow.


Hello world!

August 8, 2008

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