Be Good

sometimes we try to forget the past
It only fades just not too fast.

You have your feelings have your frends
Your past has set your life’s trends

Present is what we have in hand today
Bothers us what we gave the other day

Life goes on with this give and take
Sometimes I feel all this is so fake.

Whats set for future troubles us more
When, how long we survive is not sure

The web of thoughts engufles us
Our own fate giggles at us

Destiny is not what we can control
That doesn’t mean we stop playing our role

Good deeds , kind words make you pure
You’ll be in safe hands always for sure.



5 Responses to “Be Good”

  1. DON Says:

    awesome lines ……….

  2. Madhumita Says:

    I din know that I knew a poetess….. too good, keep it up!!

  3. Ashish Says:

    great lines… keep writing.

  4. abbey1144 Says:

    WOW! I have NEVER heard anything like that in myentire life!GOOD JOB!KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK!:)

  5. BHARAT DUA Says:

    Dre is sme magic in dese lines,
    It made me think once more…

    wow…didi…u r a life artist…..

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