Everyday I..

everyday I think to do something new ,

everyday I do the same , as hours left are too few.

everyday I hope for some change ,maybe a little in life,

everyday remains the same , no one hears my plight.

everyday I wonder if this is what is living ,

everyday I surrender to the boring routine running.

everyday I dream to change and give myself some space,

everyday I am back , at the same place, at the same pace.



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2 Responses to “Everyday I..”

  1. sulochanosho Says:

    Everything appears to be the same. But no two moments are the same. Even though we pretend or assume or grumble to be the same, we are no more the same the very next moment. Life is so eluding and engulfing.

  2. Mohit Bhargava Says:


    Everyday u think u r doing routine to do,
    But Alas, The Date is New The month is new,
    Those minutes, moments and seconds are new…
    The clock showing the time has drifted in second a few
    The time you spent yesterday has flew,
    U have some knowledge extra than what you already knew.
    Every moment has never occured before and will never occur again,
    So every moment u spend sitting in the same place is NEW.

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