Just for Human Sake

My eyes go wet when I see those pictures,
Poverty driven deads being eaten by vultures,
Brave is the person who clicked them,
I wonder have we ever tried to save them.

Have we ever realised to feel their pain ,
To hold their hand , is looked upon as a shame ,
Is this what we call serving humanity ?
Is this what we call Life in a big CITY ?

We spend hundreds on a single movie,
What we offer the needy is a HUNGER TROPHY,
Where has the concern for mankind vanished ?
Why the so called ” pure thoughts ” seem blemished?

There is still time to be wide awake ,
To save our fellows for human sake .
Else the life we live be called worthless ,
And the journey ahead would be in a complete mess.



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One Response to “Just for Human Sake”

  1. Mohit Says:

    Hi Deepti,

    Another feather in the hat, Great Words !!
    Let me make a guess though….
    Are you referring to the Kevin Carter’s famous
    Pulitzer Prize winning photo from 1994 Sudan famine ?
    Anyways, Nice Poem, Meaningful Words…!!!
    Keep it Up !!

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