Now that she's gone!!!!

Bid her good bye with a heavy heart,
Controlled my tears,anytime could start,
She brought happiness no matter for a short while,
Now she is far far away , distance lot more than a mile.

Will have to wait to see her again,
Will she remembes me , is still a game,
Her sweet little face I can still see,
It was hard to leave her when she last hugged me.

I wonder why we all can’t be near,
Why is it that someone becomes so dear,
Why they come , when they have to go,
The waiting time passes so slow.



3 Responses to “Now that she's gone!!!!”

  1. ratika Says:

    beautiful………………..i know it’s for simran…

  2. Mohit Says:

    I too know who it’s for….!! 🙂

  3. Aditya Marathe Says:

    Who is ‘she’?

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