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Kya koi hoga ?

September 25, 2008

Jab bhi main dilli ki har sadak , har red light par un masoom bachchon ko dekhti hoon , jinki aankhon mein umeed jagtey huye bhi soyi hai to mujhe khayal aata hai :

raaste ke paththar ko kaun ,jeb mein rakhta hai,
in massom bachchon ka , kaun Khuda banta hai,
reh jaatey hain issi aas mein yeh , umar bhar,
ki shayad is beharam zamaney mein ,kisi ko unki kadar .

– Deepti


I wish

September 19, 2008

When I see clouds floating in the sky ,
I wish I was a bird and I could fly,
When I see trees swaying in the cool breeze,
I wish I could sway along if I was a leaf.

When I see the sun shine so bright,
I wish I was a ray emitting light,
When I see the blue river run,
I wish I was a boat and had so much fun.

When I see the blooming flowers ,
I wish I was a petal full of colors,
When in each thing I see God’s creativity,
I give all fears and fill myself with life’s purity.

    – Deepti

Just for Human Sake

September 11, 2008

My eyes go wet when I see those pictures,
Poverty driven deads being eaten by vultures,
Brave is the person who clicked them,
I wonder have we ever tried to save them.

Have we ever realised to feel their pain ,
To hold their hand , is looked upon as a shame ,
Is this what we call serving humanity ?
Is this what we call Life in a big CITY ?

We spend hundreds on a single movie,
What we offer the needy is a HUNGER TROPHY,
Where has the concern for mankind vanished ?
Why the so called ” pure thoughts ” seem blemished?

There is still time to be wide awake ,
To save our fellows for human sake .
Else the life we live be called worthless ,
And the journey ahead would be in a complete mess.


Now that she's gone!!!!

September 3, 2008

Bid her good bye with a heavy heart,
Controlled my tears,anytime could start,
She brought happiness no matter for a short while,
Now she is far far away , distance lot more than a mile.

Will have to wait to see her again,
Will she remembes me , is still a game,
Her sweet little face I can still see,
It was hard to leave her when she last hugged me.

I wonder why we all can’t be near,
Why is it that someone becomes so dear,
Why they come , when they have to go,
The waiting time passes so slow.