Innocence of Childhood

The innocence of childhood can never be measured
It goes away with age , can only be treasured.
She seems like an angel from up above
Tender, pure ,innocent like a dove.

Her skin is like snow, pure and white
My eyes are glued ,can’t leave her sight.
Her laugh is like the song of nightingale
She calls my name ,on a silver boat I sail

I wonder how God makes every child so beautiful
How he makes each parent’s life so delightful

– Deepti

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2 Responses to “Innocence of Childhood”

  1. Prude Says:

    You write beautifully. 🙂

    I kinda disagree with the second line though. I don’t think it really goes away…it’s just the attitude you maintain. I know it’s never the same, but it’s always a part of you.

  2. Mohit Says:

    Wonderful Lines…!!

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